One-Year Anniversary for VIKAND


(Fort Lauderdale, November 9th, 2015) – VIKAND is pleased to announce its first year under the VIKAND brand. Previously operating as MHG Medical, the VIKAND identity was the outcome of a complete rebranding process performed together with MOLT Branding, a specialist boutique branding agency located in Fort Lauderdale.

Today VIKAND is a rapidly growing medical management company providing consulting and management services, medical equipment calibration and audit contracts, credentialing of medical personnel and more to 70 cruise ships globally.

“We have proved that VIKAND, a play on words from the Swedish phrase “vi kan” meaning we can, characterizes our daily work”, said Peter Hult, President. Hult emphasizes how VIKAND proactively develops and launches solutions that offer significant cost-savings and improved risk management to the maritime industry.

“I’m driven by our problem-solving attitude that makes us continuously search for unmet needs and ways of making operations more effective”, said Peter Hult.

VIKAND was created in 2010 to respond to the fragmentation of medical services in the cruise industry. It provides more focus on regulation and consolidation, such as the ratification of MLC 2006 in more countries, and raises the demand for expertise and guidance among vessel owners and operators globally. The brand has become synonymous with quality, service and excellence.

“If I look back at our first year operating under the VIKAND brand, I will never forget our project development with Viking Ocean Cruises, said Crystol Lasley, Director for Medical Services at VIKAND. Lasley led VIKAND’s work of designing, planning and implementing the medical facilities at Viking Ocean Cruises’ first cruise ship, the Viking Star. Lasley was one of the founders of VIKAND together with Dr. Bill Heymann and Peter Hult.

“It was both challenging and immensely satisfying to evaluate Viking Ocean Cruises’ needs and create a customized management plan for the Viking Star” said Lasley, who spent a fair amount of time at dry dock in Venice including the maiden voyage in April.

Due to new members joining the VIKAND team, the company moved its headquarters to downtown Fort Lauderdale in June. The team is gradually expanding in Europe and during the next year into Asia as well.

“I love to grow with VIKAND because with this team we are creating something the industry is responding to”, said Len Quist, Director of Operations. VIKAND is currently expanding its telemedicine services as well as formulary & medical equipment distribution.

“We have several exciting new projects ahead of us, said Peter Hult, “all aligning with our vision of being the leading provider of current and future medical needs to the maritime industry. But today I would first and foremost like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped us build our organization”, said Peter Hult. “The growing VIKAND family with maritime, medical and business backgrounds springs from all over the world and is the core of our current and future success.”


VIKAND is the leading provider of medical management and consulting services to the cruise industry managed by a world-class, medical team that offers a 24/7 on-call service to clients. VIKAND’s team has extensive experience in the medical field as well as in the marine industry.  The flexible medical services are tailored to the clients’ unique requirements and range from full management of medical facilities to individual consulting and service modules. For more information about VIKAND and the services offered, please visit

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