The VIKAND team: How And Why We Operate

(Fort Lauderdale, November 25th, 2015) – VIKAND is pleased to present a series of posters based on the company’s first operating year under the VIKAND brand. Peter Hult, President, writes:

“For a moment the VIKAND team and I took a break. We put our heads together, reflected over what we’ve learned and tried to summarize. This was a fairly ambitious task we soon realized, but we did take some notes when asking ourselves how and why we operate.

Some of the outcomes are enclosed below. They reflect not only our corporate culture, but the dynamic personalities behind VIKAND, as well. This is a group of people whom I am truly fortunate to be working with on a daily basis.”

Peter-VIKAND Paula-VIKAND Kasiem-VIKAND Crystol-LinkedIn Bill-VIKAND


VIKAND is the leading provider of medical management and consulting services to the cruise industry managed by a world-class, medical team that offers a 24/7 on-call service to clients. VIKAND’s team has extensive experience in the medical field as well as in the marine industry.  The flexible medical services are tailored to the clients’ unique requirements and range from full management of medical facilities to individual consulting and service modules. For more information about VIKAND and the services offered, please contact Len Quist, Director of Operations at For media inquiries, please contact Gustaf Sjoholm, Marketing & Operations, at