VIKAND's Medical Escort Team ensures the safe transport of your guest or crew


At some point in time even the most safety conscious vessel operators will experience a serious accident or illness involving a crewmember or guest that requires a medical disembarkation or repatriation.

Depending on the location of the vessel at the time, the nature of the underlying illness or injury to the patient and the specific personal profile of the patient involved, it is generally sound risk management practice for a vessel operator to provide an escort to facilitate and ensure safe and secure passage of the patient to their designated destination, (either home or to a medical facility).


Serious accidents or illnesses involving crewmembers or guests resulting in a need for disembarkation or repatriation


When contacting VIKAND, our team will evaluate the situation and deploy an experienced and medically trained escort


Vikand’s trained and experienced escort transports the patient to safety to their ultmiate destination

Why choose VIKAND as your medical escort?


300 years of combined maritime expertise provides unparalleled expertise

Human Touch

We use our vast network of experienced maritime medical professionals to select the perfect medical escort fit for your emergency


Our tools and resources are global and cutting-edge


We have you covered around the clock, around the world


Our medical escort service rescues the patient and your bottom line

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