Medical Services

VIKAND takes a proactive approach to medical, health, hygiene and wellness by providing consolidated and customized products and service solutions. We deliver consistent and comprehensive medical management and care to the maritime industry, anywhere in the world, adhering to maritime medical and flag state regulations and guidelines. Our services and products are available when and where our clients require them, with uniform standards, regardless of location. VIKAND’s medical team has a strong background in the maritime industry, both onboard ships, and shore-side, ensuring an understanding of the complexities of a shipboard medical operation. We customize our solutions for each of the industries we serve. To learn more about our expertise click on the links below.

Medical Consulting and Management

Medical Consulting Services Model

A comprehensive global medical service model scaled to meet the needs of our client resulting in improved risk management and decreased cost.

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Medical Service Management

In addition to all services in the Consulting Service Model, VIKAND is responsible for running the onboard medical facility as the agent of the client. The medical staff is retained, employed and managed by VIKAND. VIKAND will maintain oversight for all onboard medical operations including preparation of comprehensive policies and procedures for Medical Center operations. Revenue from medical center will still reside with the client.

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Biomedical Services

VIKAND understands how vital adequately maintained biomedical and X-ray equipment is for accurately diagnosing and treating patients. We provide a tailored biomedical and X-ray equipment service plan to ensure that your equipment is running at peak performance.

Annual bio-medical calibration service

Annual preventative maintenance, calibration, and certification as required by law, including:

  • A detailed log of all equipment inspected, with a full status report
  • Equipment identified as functional or in need of repair/additional or parts/replacement
  • Development of replacement/repair schedule and appropriate maintenance strategy for all medical and x-ray equipment
  • Advice regarding repairs to be made by vessel’s engineering staff, or sent to the manufacturer for a replacement, repair, maintenance, or service

Bio-Medical Maintenance Service

VIKAND’s experienced staff will provide a proactive approach to ensure critical equipment maintenance, operation, and to manage and anticipate service issues, including:

  • Remote troubleshooting service support available 24/7
  • Availability of replacement 24/7 critical for operation
  • Education for onboard staff both in person and via means of short video films
  • Parts inventory management/end of life management of all medical and x-ray equipment
  • Monitoring and responding to recalls for all equipment
  • Providing updates to software according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Pro-active 3-year capital expenditure forecast, strategic planning and recommendations for equipment acquisition, lifecycle management, clinical asset tracking and sourcing of replacement medical and x-ray equipment
  • The annual maintenance program will extend equipment life and ensure operational reliability

Procurement Management for Bio/Medical and Formulary

In accordance with the financial plan and agreement VIKAND will directly procure all medical equipment as needed, submit proposals for approval, develop alternative financing options and handle Capex 3-year planning cycle. VIKAND will provide standardization of equipment across the vessel, cost, service, and operational efficiencies with Procurement management leading to cost efficiencies and stronger oversight.

Bedbug Solutions

VIKAND has the exclusive marketing and sales distribution right of Nattaro Lab Bed Bug solutions to the Cruise line industry. Nattaro Labs is a Swedish company that carries out world-class research to develop innovative products and sustainable solutions to combat the growing global problem of bed bugs. Through a combination of their evidence-based research, innovative product development and close partnerships with pest control companies, Nattaro Labs currently has a unique position as a product developing, bed bug specialist on the international market. Their bed bug solutions are a cost-effective, long-term, preventative and natural way to eliminate and reduce infestations. Bed Bugs are among the most difficult pest to control, if not the most difficult, and the problem is escalating as the bug is becoming more and more resistant to the most commonly used pesticide.

Nattaro Safe
Nattaro Scout

Value Added Services

VIKAND offers several stand-alone services that enhance our offering and provide our clients with additional solutions, such as:

PEME Standards and Secondary Review

Set Pre-Employment medical examination standards and for this proposal and perform secondary PEME review. VIKAND will conduct secondary PEME review on complicated cases that require clearance for approval. For initial PEME review, a fee per PEME will be applied and can be bundled into the retainer fee at a 25% discount based on the estimated number of PEMEs per month.

Manage a Crew Wellness Plan

Wellness at Sea is designed to provide a comprehensive health and wellness program with ongoing education, information, motivation, and support to all crew members while encouraging a healthy, active and ship wide sense of wellness and community. Each program can be customized and adapted to each client’s needs.

Case management

  • All illness/injury events requiring shore-side medical intervention
  • Crew repatriation/long-term follow up of care and Fit-for-Duty status
  • Assist/support coordination of claims with P&I as necessary
  • Case Managers will be available 24/7 to provide advice, assistance and, coordination in the event of an accident, injury or medical diagnosis requiring intervention not available onboard