Medical Consulting Services Model

A comprehensive global medical service model scaled to meet the needs of our client resulting in improved risk management and decreased cost.

Medical Personnel

VIKAND will source the medical staff and verify qualifications and experience as well as conduct interviews to select appropriate candidates.

  • VIKAND will assume responsibility for medical staff scheduling
  • VIKAND will manage credentialing and recruitment on behalf of the client to ensure compliance with CLIA & ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) training recruitment
  • VIKAND will build a competent medical team to serve guests and crew
  • VIKAND will establish consistency with onboard rotations
  • VIKAND will provide job descriptions to medical staff ensuring they meet recognized medical and maritime regulatory standards
  • VIKAND staff will provide orientation and training to the shipboard medical staff when deemed necessary

Medical Facilities Service Visit

VIKAND will perform annual service visits of the onboard medical facilities to ensure compliance with all maritime regulations, including flag state, CDC, VSP, IMO, USPH, MCA, ACEP, and others as necessary, providing detailed recommendations to verify proper compliance with all regulations, and guidelines.

Management of Medical Policies & Procedures

VIKAND will maintain oversight for all onboard medical operations, including preparation of comprehensive policies and procedures for Medical Center operations.

VIKAND will provide standardized processes for all medically related services, adhering to Maritime, Medical, and Flag state regulations and guidelines.

Formulary Design, Review and, Optimization

VIKAND will ensure comprehensive formulary management of all onboard medications and supplies, including:

  • Initial in-depth analysis of the formulary and medical supplies to ensure Flag State compliance, and any relevant governing maritime guidelines, i.e., MLC 2006, WHO, CDC
  • Creation of a customized formulary template for monitoring stock levels, pricing, expiration dates, and usage
  • Monthly review of formulary usage to ensure proper dispensing of medications for intended uses
  • Shoreside assistance with replenishment/procurement of medications
  • Annual Medical Chest Certification
  • Total Health Care Solutions approach with bundling all formulary in a set pricing structure

Crisis and Outbreak Management

VIKAND will provide remote support and assistance with crisis management relating to healthcare issues ranging from pandemic outbreaks to environmental exposures to infectious agents, including GI and respiratory illnesses and catastrophic emergencies. When indicated, VIKAND will guide appropriate use of quarantine protocols.

OPRP Support and Management of Medical Section

Review, augment and develop policies, standard operating procedures, and outbreak prevention plans to ensure compliance and coordination with the general policies and procedures of the vessel. All policies and procedures will be reviewed as per ACEP/CLIA Industry standards for compliance, and completion.

Public Health Guidance and Alert Service

VIKAND will provide advice for health-related issues such as sanitation, outbreaks, avoidance of potential health risk issues such as environmental, food, water and safety concerns.

New Build

Expert guidance regarding the layout and planning of medical centers for new-build vessels or the refurbishment and update of existing facilities, including:

  • Recommendations for more efficient use of space
  • Recommendations for appropriate placement of electrical outlets
  • Recommendations for and sourcing of essential equipment
  • Guidance regarding placement and installation of structurally integrated services
  • Assistance with the planning and implementation of the set-up of the secondary Medical CentersAt hand advice
  • VIKAND team will be available to the corporate executive management team, human resources, legal and marine operations for any medically related questions or discussions