Nattaro Scout – Detection Trap

Nattaro Scout is a bed bug detection trap, which contains a unique blend of bed bug pheromones simulating a bed bug aggregation. The detection trap is designed to be used for early detection of a bed bug infestation and to verify a successful result following a bed bug treatment. A monitoring system is a useful tool in an Integrated Pest Management routine.

The pheromone attractant’s effect has been tested and verified through extensive research and development. Nattaro Scout is based on many years of research at Lund University and Nattaro Labs. It enables the monitoring and detection of bed bugs at an early stage and can be used during treatment to monitor development, and verify success after treatment.

The lure mimics the natural scent of a bed bug aggregation. It will attract all stages of live bed bugs, i.e., females, males and the different stages of the nymphs. The bed bugs can climb in but not out, and once inside they are trapped.

Being able to detect and establish the occurrence of a bed bug infestation early is crucial for cost-effective control of the situation. Long-term outbreaks increase the risk of bed bugs spreading to family and friends, public environments and means of transportation.

Thanks to the design the monitor is easy to fit on the floor, under the bed, on the legs of the bed or in between soft mattresses, depending on the situation. Our unique lure consists of synthetic pheromones, which mimic a regularly sized bed bug aggregation (harborage). The hit rate of our lure is 90% and higher during the first six days. The lure lasts for two weeks.

With Nattaro Scout the right treatment methods can be put in place quicker, to reduce costs and the duration time of the treatment period. Today, pest control companies use detection dogs and undertake visual inspections to establish a bed bug infestation. Both methods are time-consuming and do not provide the same continuous monitoring as Nattaro Scout can achieve.