VIKAND TeleHealth Solutions integrates all aspects of healthcare and medical operations for vessel and yacht owners and operators, utilizing the latest satellite communication tools and medical technology, supported by an experienced maritime medical team.

Approximately 1.5 million seafarers are employed by the global shipping industry. Up until now access to medical care for vessels with fewer than 100 crew has been fragmented, difficult to use and expensive. VIKAND TeleHealth Solutions seeks to remedy that by expanding Vikand's medical experience and expertise to the commercial shipping and yachting sector.

Healthcare must be provided at no cost to a seafarer, but amounts to a considerable expense for the operator. With new satellite technology for wider and faster connectivity, Vikand brings fuller care services to ships and yachts. This avoids on-shore time and adds new dimensions of crew maintenance solutions with increased cost control.

Vikand will provide crew all over the world, no matter the nationality, easy access to healthcare, focusing on early intervention, a key in healthcare not available onboard ships today. This will ensure a much safer and healthier environment onboard, and ensure crew loss prevention.

Furthermore, VIKAND TeleHealth Solutions will cover all aspects of the vessel owners’ ongoing healthcare needs including urgent care, monthly house doctor calls, chronic disease management, crew maintenance + crew loss prevention = crew wellness, medical chest management, medical equipment technical support, a customized mental health program and a 24/7 medical emergency support hot-line.

By managing the entire healthcare needs for a ship owner, the attached cost to the owner will be reduced, risk management and efficiency enhanced with an overall winning ROI.