VIKAND provides proactive total healthcare solutions for the commercial shipping, cruise, yachting, and offshore industries.  In today’s world, health and safety isn’t just a priority, it’s a prerequisite, and our solutions form the core of VIKAND’s proactive approach to our Total Healthcare Solutions. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, timely, and most cost-effective maritime health care possible.  As a truly integrated partner, VIKAND brings 24/7 hands-on support and best-in-class solutions to each corner of the globe.  Our caring and committed teams manage more than 4,000 daily maritime medical encounters, and each year we support the physical and mental wellness of 160,000 crew.

Each ship is a delicate ecosystem and keeping everyone onboard safe and healthy is critical to protecting your business and its reputation. As the maritime industry has its own particular set of regulations, guidelines, requirements, and challenges, solutions must be carefully tailored to address those needs. 

VIKAND’s unique approach is changing the conversation around onboard health. Our proactive total healthcare solutions address every dimension of a crew’s physical, mental and social wellness, with the goal of significantly reducing injuries, illnesses, costs and lost productivity. At VIKAND, healthcare at sea is no longer a cost centre, and rather a critical long-term investment in the success of your maritime business. 

The underlying thread that unites our diverse services is a global team with real experience at sea. This shared pedigree as crew helps VIKAND deliver effective healthcare at sea while supporting optimal conditions for seafarers.

Guided by our values, “We can because we care”, VIKAND continue to strive to better service the maritime industry and help achieving higher levels of care.


Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide the highest quality, timely, and most cost-effective maritime health care possible. We constantly strive to provide reliable services by skilled professionals supported by the latest technology.


Our vision is to be the world's leading expert in maritime Healthcare.