5 Benefits of Working as a Medical Professional Onboard a Cruise Ship


5 Benefits of Working as a Medical Professional Onboard a Cruise Ship

As the world starts to reopen again, new horizons are just waiting to be discovered. Doctors and nurses worldwide are turning their attention to a different dynamic and some respite to help them recover from the events of this past year.

Continue Your Passion Onboard a Cruise Ship

Imagine having access to a fascinating array of international destinations, cultures, and people as part of your job. Working as a cruise ship nurse or doctor provides you with the opportunity to travel the world while furthering your career and continuing to build your skills and experience.

Though an unconventional career path for most, there are many benefits that accompany working as a medical professional onboard a cruise ship, such as:

  1. Traveling the World – What could be more enticing than waking up to a new destination every day? Cruise ships set sail from all over the world and expose you to places that you might not have visited on your own.
  1. Practice in an Ideal Environment – There are many types of cruise ships out there to fit all lifestyles. From ocean liners to river cruises to expedition ships, you are able to choose which one best complements you.
  1. Access to the Latest Medical Technology – Though a medical wing on a cruise ship cannot compare in size to a hospital, it is still filled with the supplies and technology you need to provide optimal treatment to guests and crew.
  1. Job Security – Hospitality still leads as one of the most stable industries in the world. The pandemic may have uprooted it this past year, however, it did not curb people’s desire to travel. In response to this, the cruise industry is working to ramp up its sales and its medical staff. Contracts typically cover a period of several months throughout the year and are renewed once your leave has ended.
  1. Opportunities for Growth – Career growth is one of the main motivators when applying for a position. Commitment, dedication, and undergoing regular training courses can set you up for a greater chance of receiving a promotion.

Are You Ready to Set Sail for New Waters?

At VIKAND you are paid to travel and guaranteed continued professional growth in a company that values a family-like atmosphere. Our medical professionals are an integral – and much valued - part of our community.

With over 200 cruise clients – spread over 23 cruise lines – we are actively recruiting for the upcoming season. Check out our careers section to find out more on how to become a cruise ship nurse and how to become a doctor on a cruise ship.