Message from the CEO


Message from the CEO

By  Peter Hult, CEO at Vikand

During these unprecedented times we want to assure all our clients and partners of our continued commitment to your success and share some of our latest developments.

Our experienced doctors and nurses around the world continue to be involved 24/7 in helping to resolve many of the situations you hear about on cruise ships globally. The feedback from clients, crew and guests to their continuous hard work makes us proud of our fellow team members. I would like to take a moment to thank our onboard and onshore colleagues and specifically the medical teams aboard the many vessels we support who continuously show an unwavering commitment to our clients and their guests and seafarers globally.

In response to the increasing client demand, we moved up the launch of our customized maritime mental health solutions, WELL = Well Employees Love Life, which was launched in March. Similarly, in partnership with Inmarsat, this week we are launching a dedicated COVID-19 medical Information & Hotline service supporting Inmarsat Maritime’s shipping clients.

In client conversations where we jointly look ahead to prepare for a new normal, we are encouraged by the attention to new innovations and solutions available to the cruise industry for shipboard healthcare, medical operations and public health as integrated parts of the new cruise industry blueprint. Our goal is to work with cruise line and industry partners to develop a sense of security and comfort as a differentiating investment with strong ROI.

On this note, we are receiving increasing interest in our air and surface purification and decontamination technology Hygensea, which eliminates 99.999% of virus, bacteria, mold and odors in the air and on surfaces. The technology also improves energy efficiency and decreases fuel usage, creating environmentally friendly ship operations. See our Senior Director Stephen McAfee’s article.

While this is only a snapshot of how we continue to deliver solutions to our clients’ changing needs, I encourage you to reach out to let us know how we can collaborate with you for a safer future.

VIKAND is the market leading medical and public health solutions provider to the global maritime industry, providing leading-edge solutions to resolve medical risks and improving health conditions for seafarers