PYURE Dynamic Protection™️: The Key to Preventing the Spread of Airborne COVID-19 Onboard


PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM: The Key to Preventing the Spread of Airborne COVID-19 Onboard

Containing the threat of COVID-19 is essential for all businesses, but especially in industries that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, such as the maritime industry. Some experts have predicted that the cruise industry will not fully recover until 2023. Ship operators need to convince governments and passengers that they will be safe aboard vessels — especially indoors — if there’s any hope of helping the industry recover in a timely fashion.

Organizations can fight the virus themselves in indoor environments through the use of air purification systems. Hydroxyl generators can provide a safe and effective way for businesses to protect themselves against COVID-19. New information has to come to light that COVID-19 is in fact airborne, making these systems more vital than ever in the post-pandemic world.

It’s Confirmed. COVID-19 Is Transmissible Through Air

Since the start of the pandemic, scientists from across the world have argued that COVID-19 can be transmitted through air. This was largely disregarded by various governments and health agencies, most of which emphasized virus transmission through droplets and surface contact. Now these organizations are beginning to backtrack on their initial statements.

More recently, researchers have confirmed that COVID-19 can be spread through virus aerosols. The CDC even updated their website to demonstrate that the virus can be inhaled even when someone is more than six feet away from an infected individual. This updated information highlights the continued threat of COVID-19, particularly in indoor environments.

Even though the vaccine rollout has been relatively successful in certain countries, businesses need to focus on fighting the virus. Organizations in the maritime industry, in particular, are vulnerable to COVID-19 and thus must be especially vigilant. There are some technological solutions that enable businesses to keep guests and crew safe.

How to Keep COVID-19 Out of Indoor Environments

Engineers have developed a multitude of ventilation solutions in order to eliminate COVID-19 from indoor environments. Most of these technologies, such as HEPA filters or ozone generators, have potential drawbacks and limitations. However, there is a solution that may address the maritime sector’s needs. PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM uses a naturally occurring organic compound, known as hydroxyl radicals to continuously cleanse the air of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. It is arguably the safest and most effective virus-killing method, requiring only a few billion of hydroxyls to properly sanitize a space.

What are Hydroxyls and How do They Impact on Viruses?

The sun is mainly responsible for the creation of hydroxyl radicals. When the sun is shining, a photochemical reaction occurs where wavelengths of ultraviolet rays interact with water molecules and terpenes, which are natural compounds secreted from plants. This reaction creates a number of byproducts, including hydroxyl radicals.

When hydroxyl radicals are in the same environment as pathogens, the hydroxyls attack various essential virus cell components both in the air and on surfaces. The lipid envelope and/or capsid around the virus is disrupted by the hydroxyl radicals. The genome is also disrupted when a hydroxyl penetrates the virus’ cell walls. All of these mechanisms deactivate the virus and prevent any further exposure.

How PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM Harnesses the Power of Hydroxyls to Fight Airborne COVID-19

The PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM air purifier takes the sunlight’s natural ability to kill airborne viruses and deploy that process indoors. In order to create the same effect onboard, PYURE’s technology utilizes multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet lights to react with oxygen and water vapor in the air, generating approximately two million hydroxyls per cubic centimeter.

These hydroxyls react with more than 5,000 known chemicals in order to eliminate volatile organic compounds, including COVID-19. This technology was proven in a comprehensive study. In just 20 minutes, the PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM air purification system reduced the amount of airborne SARS-CoV-2 by 99% present in the indoor environment. The virus could no longer be detected in the air after 80 minutes of operation.

Maritime clients from all over the world are deploying PYURE technology to fight COVID-19.

Who’s Utilizing PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM to Keep Employees and Customers Safe?

PYURE’s technology has a number of benefits compared to other solutions currently on the market, and businesses have noticed. Some of the most well-known companies, such as Toyota and Churchill Downs, are now utilizing PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM to keep their indoor environments free of COVID-19.Multiple maritime organizations have also started implementing this hydroxyl generation technology onboard in order to keep everyone safe indoors. As more cruise ships, yachts, shipping, fishing, and offshore vessels utilize PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM passenger safety will most likely improve and the industry can begin to rebound.

Ready to Install PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM Onboard?

COVID-19 will continue to play a part in most business operations — especially in indoor environments. PYURE technology can help organizations manage the spread of COVID-19 through hydroxyl generation.

Interested in learning more about this air purification system? Reach out to VIKAND today to learn more about PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM air purification. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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