VIKAND Partner Profile: AirSep


VIKAND Partner Profile: AirSep

A division of CAIRE Inc., AirSep Corporation is a global leader in oxygen supply generation and a valued VIKAND partner. Medical-grade oxygen is one of the most critical healthcare requirements on board any ship, and AirSep’s solutions ensure oxygen self-sufficiency while saving time and money, allowing crew to focus on other critical tasks.

This month, we are in conversation with Tyler Jones, Product Manager for AirSep. 

Please describe your company and industry reach.

Tyler - AirSep Corporation is the world leader in Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) oxygen systems. AirSep’s wide range of oxygen products have been installed globally for more than 35 years and serve multiple applications and industries, including bioremediation, ozone generation, fish farming, gold leaching, hospitals/medical facilities and water/wastewater treatment, among others. As a global  manufacturer of oxygen generation systems, we work closely with valued partners to support today’s cruise industry with onboard solutions.

What are one or two company highlights you are proud of?

Tyler - AirSep’s self-contained oxygen solutions, like the Centrox Series, offer reliable, continuous oxygen delivery and require a small footprint, making them a great solution for use in unique settings such as the maritime industry.

What do you believe is the most significant advancement in the maritime industry?

Tyler - I think advancement comes in a broadening view and acceptance by the industry that each vessel can generate its own oxygen onboard and not be dependent on the logistics and delivery of filled cylinders at each port of call. AirSep’s Centrox oxygen generator offers oxygen solutions to fit every onboard need.

Who do you believe has made a significant impact in your part of the industry?

Tyler - It is hard to talk about generating medical oxygen without mentioning Norman R. McCombs, AASEE, BSME, ScD, NMTI, and the recipient of the U.S. government’s highest honor for technological achievement: the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Dr. McCombs is credited with pioneering the first portable oxygen concentrator, the LifeStyle, in 2002 and numerous other oxygen delivery solutions that bear the AirSep name. While Dr. McCombs has long since retired from his former role as Vice President of Research and Development, his contributions to our organization are integral to its legacy and his expertise in harnessing technology serves a variety of applications. Today, our engineering team continues to build upon this early work, adapting it to modern applications to meet the demands of end-user requirements in an ever-changing technological environment.

What is the biggest challenge the global maritime industry faces and what is your strategy to overcome it?

Tyler - We believe the global maritime industry needs a safe, reliable way to generate onboard oxygen to support medical needs and for filling cylinders onsite to support emergency oxygen use. AirSep has solutions that offer oxygen generation with a very small footprint, ensuring logistical confidence in planning for emergency preparedness.

Where are you headquartered?

Tyler - AirSep is headquartered in the town of Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, New York, USA. The AirSep brand was the name under which the very first portable oxygen concentrator, the LifeStyle, was pioneered, in addition to many other products used all over the world. Moreover, the early days of innovation in gas generation have made it possible to generate medical gas to support everything from an entire hospital facility to systems that harness this same power to sustainably treat wastewater.

Tell us about your team.

Tyler - Our team includes well-seasoned professionals with unparalleled expertise, including Lawrence Hughes, Vice President and General Manager, James Klein, Regional Sales Manager – North America, Angelo Barberic, Regional Sales Manager, Europe, Russia/CIS and MEA, and myself, Tyler Jones, Product Manager. Our group has more than 70 years of experience engineering solutions that our customers depend on for success. New to the organization in 2023 is Mario Bolivar, Senior Director of Global Sales. He brings another three decades of experience selling gas processing and handling equipment.

What does your company do to promote team and client well-being?

Tyler - We provide a personalized approach to each client we serve. AirSep’s small, dedicated team approach is key to building relationships and fostering an environment of open communication, which we believe is essential to maintaining both a strong organization internally and externally with our valued partners.

How does your organization celebrate success?

Most recently, AirSep, and its parent organization, CAIRE Inc., have been working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, so celebrations have been limited. However, we like to celebrate success by sharing news of our accomplishments with our global team and by thanking and recognizing all our employees for their contributions.

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