Our bedbug solution efficiently prevents bed bug infestations where an infestation most commonly arises, i.e., in beds. The product is long lasting, functional, and easy to use.

All stages of the insects die

Our bedbug solution has a combating effect, and all stages of the insects die from desiccation after coming into contact with the diatomaceous earth used in the product.

Time / ease of use

Our bedbug solution can be left in place for 12 months, and longer, before it needs to be replaced. Defective or lost pieces can be easily replaced.

No resistance

Bed bugs cannot develop a resistance to the active substance, which offers a significant advantage compared to insecticides.

Simple Construction

Our bedbug solution is supplied on a roll as tape and consists of a folded paper construction with a self-adhesive back and an inside covered with a thin layer of diatomaceous earth.

Natural & Safe

Diatomaceous earth is a natural agent that absorbs the bed bug’s protective wax layer, which results in the pest drying out and dying. It is a natural product made from fossilized silica algae and not harmful to people or pets if ingested or touched.

Attractive to Bed Bugs

Through its design, our bedbug solution creates an environment attractive to bed bugs, a dark and confined paper tunnel with attractive crevices for hiding. The inside contains a thin layer of diatomaceous earth.


Our bedbug scout is a bed bug detection trap, which contains a unique blend of bed bug pheromones simulating a bed bug aggregation. The detection trap is designed to be used for early detection of a bed bug infestation and to verify a successful result following a bed bug treatment.

Traps all live bed bugs

The lure mimics the natural scent of a bed bug aggregation. It will attract all stages of live bed bugs, i.e., females, males and the different stages of the nymphs. The bed bugs can climb in but not out, and once inside they are trapped.

Monitoring System

It enables the monitoring and detection of bed bugs at an early stage and can be used during treatment to monitor development, and verify success after treatment.

Effective Cost Control

Being able to detect and establish the occurrence of a bed bug infestation early is crucial for cost-effective control of the situation. Long-term outbreaks increase the risk of bed bugs spreading to family and friends, public environments and means of transportation.

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