VIKAND Partner Profile: CPS


VIKAND Partner Profile: Circadian Positioning Systems, Inc.

VIKAND partner, Circadian Positioning Systems, Inc., is a pioneer in applying sleep and circadian technologies in the global maritime industry and for prestigious clients such as the U.S. Navy. Fatigue contributes to the loss of life and property and deeply affects crew wellness. CPS is dedicated to providing sleep solutions and represents a critical component of VIKAND’s total healthcare solution. 

Please enjoy our conversation with Eliza Van Reen, PhD, CEO & Founder, CPS. 

VIKAND—Please describe your company and industry reach.  

Eliza—Providing critical solutions to fatigue and its harmful effects, Circadian Positioning Systems, Inc. (CPS) is a sleep and circadian rhythm-based technologies company that has developed a system that tracks sleep/wake cycles and circadian patterns using an integrated hardware and software solution. Light is the most powerful stimulus of the circadian system. CPS technology integrates with off-the-shelf lighting to automate the delivery of circadian-targeted lighting to enhance circadian alignment, sleep, performance, and alertness. CPS technologies are data-backed, scientifically demonstrated, patented and patent-pending. Customers and testers of CPS technology include the U.S. Navy, NASA, 11th Hour Racing, and superyacht crew.  

VIKAND—How long has your company been in business and in the maritime industry? 

Eliza—CPS has operated in the maritime industry since 2017. Our inception was a response to the urgent need for fatigue solutions in this area. 

VIKAND—What are one or two company highlights you are proud of? 

Eliza—As an emerging leader in sleep and circadian rhythms technology, we are proud to be creating sleep solutions that mitigate fatigue. In our partnership with VIKAND, we are about to undertake a pilot sleep study with one of the major cruise lines. We believe the results will enable our two companies to offer far-reaching fatigue mitigation throughout the global maritime industry. More, our solutions have been used and/or tested by the U.S. Navy, superyachts, professional sailors, and more. Mitigating fatigue using science-backed solutions is critical for the maritime industry.  

VIKAND—What do you believe is the most significant advancement in the maritime industry?  

Eliza—We think one of the biggest challenges the global maritime industry faces is solutions for fatigue and crew wellness. To solve this, at CPS we are looking to make a significant advancement. We use cutting-edge science to mitigate fatigue to reduce catastrophic fatigue-related maritime accidents. Until now, it seems fatigue has been treated as if there is nothing you can do about it.   

VIKAND—What is the biggest challenge the global maritime industry faces? Tell us about your strategy to overcome it.  

ElizaWhile there are collective and critical challenges in the maritime industry from sustainability to overall crew asset management, solutions can certainly begin with a good night’s sleep. It can also be said that at times there is bad press regarding the downside of technology and its potential negative effects. At CPS, we believe that when leveraged scientifically and responsibly, technology-based solutions are vital to the health and wellness of people who would otherwise have difficulties accessing these solutions. We are inspired by companies in this space that are dedicated to offering quality solutions to improve people’s lives. 

The strategies CPS offers are based on responsibly vetted technology centered in biology: we make biology work for you. We begin with controlled studies to collect sleep/wake and circadian data. We intervene with light and analyze data to generate appropriate light delivery algorithms. Applied through our cloud-based technologies, circadian rhythm misalignment can return to optimal states. A well-rested crew is an ideal crew.

VIKAND—Where are you headquartered? 

Eliza—We are in Newport, Rhode Island, USA—the sailing capital of the world and nicknamed,  The Ocean State. Rhode Island has deep roots in the maritime industry. 

VIKAND—Tell us about your team.  

Eliza—I am Eliza Van Reen. I am a PhD and CEO & Founder of CPS (PI). I’ve spent over 20 years in the field of sleep and circadian rhythms science, receiving my PhD from Brown University and have completed postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School and The Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Until 2017 and the founding of CPS, I was an Assistant Professor at Brown Medical School in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and Deputy Director of the E.P. Bradley Sleep and Chronobiology Research Laboratory.  

David Terra, CPS’s VP of Engineering, is an engineering leader and Silicon Valley veteran. He has experience working at startups such as Square (pre-IPO and post-IPO), and OnLive. He has led large scale projects, teams of engineers, and delivered technology to millions of customers. He is also skilled at developing modular open systems software scalable for commercial use. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

VIKAND—What does your company do to promote team and client well-being?  

Eliza—We encourage healthy sleep/wake schedules and circadian alignment for our team and clients. Internally, we also promote flexible work hours.    

VIKAND—How does your organization celebrate success?  

Eliza—Fatigue is a major problem in the maritime industry resulting in the loss of life and property repeatedly. Crew wellness is also a major issue and sleep/circadian rhythms are a fundamental part of wellness.  Thus, we are driven to succeed in the delivery of our solution.  Fundamentally, we celebrate success by determining the next customer segment we can help. 

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