Expedition Cruise Nurse

Expedition Cruise Nurse


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At VIKAND, we thrive to provide the best healthcare for workers at sea by creating the best work environment for our esteemed professionals onboard. We are recognized for taking good care of each person on the team, from making them feel heard and valued to providing flexible assignments and career development opportunities.

As a shipboard nurse, you will be required to handle all types of medical events, like an emergency room and/or urgent care environment, as well as maintaining an occupational health component for officers and crew onboard.

Consider joining our team of nurses who treat healthcare as a true passion!






Shipboard medical staff are required to respond to, assess and handle all types of medical events as well as manage the medical center and the administrative duties.  The role will require you to live and work onboard.

General Duties Include:

  • Provide health screening prior to boarding, during cruises and disembarkation for all guests, crew, vendors and visitors.

  • Respond to medical and emergency calls to provide basic medical care to ill or injured patients 24/7.

  • Practice confidentiality of patients and their medical records at all times.

  • Provide medical care to patients seen swiftly, responsively and appropriately and keep the Doctor informed and up to date at all times.

  • Ensure medication is dispensed in an accurate and safe manner, with appropriate warnings and precautions reviewed with the patient.

  • Review ship medical formulary orders and PPE supplies to assure appropriate medical inventory levels are maintained.

  • Maintenance and regular equipment checks to ensure a complete state of readiness to meet any emergency requirements.

  • Follow prevention plan in the event of any outbreak of any communicable diseases.

  • Maintain a schedule for routine operations, i.e. Crew training, potable water testing, hand checks of all food handling Crew, First Aid Kit checks, Medical Center inventory, inventory of expired medications, requisition of weekly office supplies, acute gastroenteritis (AGE) log, Covid Log and equipment calibration and validation etc.

  • Accurate and timely record keeping related to patients, equipment, inventory counts and medical center up keep in general.

  • Always wear N95 mask when assessing any guest/crew with a medical issue or complaint.

  • Ensures timely and professional communication and collaboration with Ship Senior Officers, Company Leadership and VIKAND Medical Team.

  • Has the ability to provide outstanding customer service to both the client and the patients.

  • Work collaboratively with the Doctor to ensure all applicable mandatory diseases or illness reporting is performed on a timely and complete basis, as required by flag state and port health authorities.

  • Ensure applicable patient logs and reports are collected and maintained in the Ship’s filing system or Electronic Medical Records.

  • Communicative and transparent to the Shoreside medical teams and on board management.

  • Adhere to company specific covid policies including, but not limited to, medical screening, testing, isolation, and quarantine procedures.

  • On call duties to be shared with on board medical colleagues (if carried).

  • Physical Ability to provide care on landings during expedition cruises.



  • Valid Registered Nurse license

  • At least 3 years of working experience/training in ICU or Emergency Department

  • Valid BLS and ACLS Certification required

  • STCW will be required upon hiring but not needed for application

  • Sexual Assault Kit training within the last 2 years ( can be done on board)

  • Ability to interact with individuals at all levels in a pleasant and professional manner; must be compassionate and caring

*One application permitted per applicant per position. Applicants without shipboard experience, will not be considered at this time.

Requirements to Join:

  • STCW95 Certification: Basic Safety, Crowd Management, Crisis Management, Ship Security/Security Awareness.

  • C1D Visa and/or Schengen Visa (dependent on ship and joining port).

  • Seafarer Medical Clearance.

  • WHO-approved COVID vaccination.

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Note: Resumes will be shared with our cruise line clients for consideration when recruiting for onboard medical staff.

*All applications and CVs sent into Vikand will be reviewed personally by one of our dedicated in-house recruitment team, you will then be contact directly with details on next steps.

We will never ask for fees during any part of the recruitment process.

*Please be aware there are fraudulent companies operating within the cruise line industry that might publish scam job offers posing as Vikand, asking for upfront fees to acquire visas, work permits or specific cruise line training. If you receive an email from one of these companies, please disregard. Only submit your application through this page on our official website.