Klaus Stoltenberg Joins VIKAND as Non-Executive Director to Introduce World- Class Healthcare Solutions to the Global Maritime Shipping Industry


1 June 2021, Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA: VIKAND Solutions, LLC—a global maritime medical operations and public health provider— announces the appointment of Klaus Stoltenberg as Non-Executive Director for commercial shipping, bringing his deep knowledge and expertise of the global maritime shipping industry to VIKAND.

Peter Hult, VIKAND CEO, comments, “One of the most important aspects of managing a shipping operation is to maintain a healthy crew to ensure they receive immediate support in case of an emergency or serious illness. By increasing risk management and mitigation, shipowners will see significantly improved crewing and vessel operations with reduced claims and better cost efficiencies as the direct result.”

“We are delighted that Klaus Stoltenberg has joined Vikand as a Non- Executive Director. As we continue to grow our Vikand Direct Program to become the leading healthcare solution to the global maritime industry, Klaus’s understanding of a shipowner’s concerns for a safe shipping environment with a reduced operational impact and correlating claims cost is essential,” Hult continues.

VIKAND Direct’s doctor-in-your-pocket approach offers easy access to healthcare, applying the most current technology by FrontM while VIKAND’s partnership with INMARSAT offers a direct communication line—using exceptionally low bandwidth—to ensure crystal-clear two-way video.

Klaus brings a wealth of experience to VIKAND. He is currently the co-owner of Constellation ApS, and was formerly the Chairman of Global Shipping, Deutsche Bank where he managed a team of corporate finance and shipping experts. He has also served as Global Head of Ship and Aircraft Finance for NORD/LB; Head of Transport, Export and Trade Finance for Deka Bank; and, increasing complex roles and responsibilities with KfW, notably as Deputy Head of Ship Finance and General Manager, Special Assets.

Klaus’s engagement with the commercial shipping industry spans over 20 years. In his capacity as senior banker he has developed deep and strong ties with executive management within the global shipping industry. He has a proven record of dealing with boards, shareholders, regulators, rating agencies, institutional investors, and all major shipping associations. His skills also include building fundamental financial instrument’s structure, debt and equity modelling, institutional advisory and capital raises.

Klaus Stoltenberg, comments, “Addressing the need for proactive healthcare for commercial shipping crews has become even more critical in the post-COVID world. We all have read how crew have been stranded onboard with little access to the outside world during the pandemic and their challenges to get medical care. With VIKAND’s proactive health care approach bundled with the deep knowledge, experience and use of current technologies, I believe we can help shipowners and managers to significantly enhance access to healthcare support while improving the bottom line for the operator. I am thrilled to join VIKAND and have the chance to be a part of changing the way healthcare is provided in the maritime industry.”

Hult says, “Klaus’s experience and insight will significantly contribute to introducing the VIKAND Direct Program to the commercial maritime industry. He will help VIKAND in engaging and explaining how it delivers a one-of-a-kind proactive and comprehensive healthcare solution to his vast network in the maritime industry.”

“VIKAND Direct is built on a customized maritime adapted technology platform, supported by VIKAND’s maritime medical team and in collaboration with Inmarsat, the world’s largest satellite provider. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-access, cost effective crew healthcare that delivers peace of mind to operators. Having Klaus onboard deepens our ability to engage with many of the important commercial shipping organizations and companies,” Hult concludes.

Stoltenberg comments, “I believe the extent of VIKAND’s holistic health and medical programs offers tremendous value to the industry and I am pleased to be able to contribute to the VIKAND Direct effort.“


VIKAND provides global medical and public health service solutions to the entire maritime industry, including cruise, yacht, superyacht, commercial shipping, fishing, and energy sectors. VIKAND works with more than 200 cruise ship clients—spread over 32 cruise lines—supporting 120,000 crew with medical and mental wellness needs supported by experienced onboard and onshore medical staffs. VIKAND’s proven medical and public health expertise and experience is demonstrated through a proactive and evidence-based healthcare approach, the VIKAND Total Healthcare Solution and is coordinated with global regulatory agencies and industry associations. Solutions encompass 24/7 medical management, public health, and COVID-19 consulting, biomedical equipment maintenance and products, and leading air and surface decontamination solutions. VIKAND recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and was awarded the Seatrade Cruise Awards Supplier of the Year 2020 in October. VIKAND has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Hamburg and soon Monaco in addition to having staff located throughout the world.

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Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox

Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox

Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox
Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox