VIKAND and Riverr Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Maritime Health Management


May 29, 2024, Fort Lauderdale, FL – VIKAND, the global leader in maritime healthcare, and Riverr, a pioneering AI deeptech start-up based in Singapore, join forces to revolutionize healthcare management for millions of seafarers worldwide, leveraging advanced AI and machine learning to unlock valuable healthcare data and significantly improve onboard health and safety.

VIKAND's data management system will be enhanced by integrating key functionalities from Riverr's AI-powered healthcare platform, including Riverr Care Studio and Riverr AI Health Companion. This integration will empower a personalized approach to seafarer healthcare. By analysing individual health data, Riverr AI can identify potential health risks early on. This allows for preventative measures and interventions, ultimately leading to fewer medical emergencies and improved crew well-being. This proactive approach to healthcare not only benefits seafarers by ensuring their well-being at sea, but also maritime operators. Each forecast will utilize specific healthcare data to identify and explain the risks faced by crew members, enabling timely and targeted interventions.

Furthermore, the partnership offers significant cost benefits for maritime operators. Riverr's AI technology can predict potential health crises before they occur, leading to fewer costly medical evacuations and reduced resource utilization. This translates to substantial financial savings for shipping companies.

The partnership also addresses the crucial issue of mental health in the maritime industry. Early identification of mental health risks through AI analysis, combined with VIKAND's expertise, can lead to timely interventions and access to mental health resources. This improves crew morale and reduces the risk of mental health emergencies at sea.

One of the standout features of Riverr’s platform is its ability to predict the risk of medical events that could lead to repatriation, a significant concern for maritime operators. By identifying potential health crises before they occur, VIKAND and Riverr holds the potential to prevent costly medical events and improve the overall safety and well-being of seafarers.

“Partnering with Riverr allows us to take a significant step forward in advancing health equity and sustainability in the maritime industry,” said Peter Hult, CEO of VIKAND. “With Riverr’s Bedrock platform, we enhance health outcomes for seafarers while driving social sustainability practices by providing comprehensive insights into workforce health.”

Riverr CEO & Founder Kristina Lynge added, "At Riverr, we are deeply committed to advancing social sustainability and global health equity through innovative solutions and partnerships. Our partnership will enable corporations with insights into their workforce health. By leveraging our safe technology platform, which analyses de-identified data, we are not only de-risk the management of health data but also predict health risks. Partnering with VIKAND allows us to extend these benefits to the maritime industry, ensuring seafarers receive proactive, personalized care and organisations can make informed decisions."

The ultimate aim of incorporating Riverr’s technology is to create a collaborative health ecosystem which results in a preventive healthcare model, which not only saves ship operators money but also creates a safer onboard environment while making seafarers feel valued and appreciated.

“VIKAND and Riverr share a common goal around improving seafarer wellness and sustainability in the maritime industry. With a serious shortfall of seafarers predicted by 2026, we need to ensure that our current workforce remains healthy. Having access to unambiguous healthcare data is vital to ensure proactive measures can be taken to minimize risk and safeguard crew welfare. Following on from our recent partnership announcement with Scoutbase, which collates live feedback from seafarers on safety critical issues, this initiative completes the circle of continuously monitoring seafarers’ welfare and taking proactive action when required,” said Peter Hult, CEO, VIKAND.

To learn more about how VIKAND and Riverr's partnership can transform seafarer healthcare and improve operational efficiency, contact VIKAND for a consultation.


At VIKAND, we specialize in providing comprehensive medical services and risk mitigation solutions tailored specifically for the maritime industry. With a dedicated global team of 1,500 medical professionals, all of whom have had years of experience at sea, we understand the unique challenges that arise onboard. Our experienced and committed teams manage more than 4,100 maritime medical encounters every single day.

With OneHealth by VIKAND, our mission is to proactively maintain the health, safety, and wellbeing of crew members and guests at sea using a preventive approach across a range of healthcare concerns, from communicable diseases to chronic illnesses, mental health concerns and more. OneHealth takes a diversified and holistic approach to protecting all onboard, inspired by our company’s deeply held values – we can because we care. 


Riverr is powering a shift from episodic sick care to a preventive healthcare model. A key component of Riverr’ platform is Bedrock, their Workplace Health Intelligence solution. Bedrock provides a comprehensive
health picture, enabling proactive measures and early detection. Riverr’s
Generative AI and data-driven platform foundation offers actionable insights through comprehensive real-time updates, surpassing traditional pre- employment exams and health screening. By promoting health measures, detecting diseases early, and reducing sick
days, Bedrock boosts productivity and empowers informed decision-
making for workplace strategies.

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Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox

Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox

Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox
Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox