VIKAND appointed Medical Consultant for FTI Cruises’ M/V Berlin


VIKAND appointed Medical Consultant for FTI Cruises’ M/V Berlin

(Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 24, 2019) – VIKAND Medical Solutions, LLC., a global leader in maritime medical operations and healthcare, announced today that they have been appointed by FTI Cruises, as the medical consultant for their vessel, M/V Berlin, effective October 1st, 2019.

VIKAND will provide the onboard medical team with 24/7 medical support, an emergency hotline, staffing and recruitment, regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, outbreak prevention support, pharmaceutical management, biomedical equipment maintenance, pre-employment medical examination review, crew wellness as well as chronic disease oversite.

“We are pleased to be working with FTI Cruises, a global leader in the travel industry, in collaboration with Colombia Cruise Services, to ensure guest and crew medical safety onboard, and we look forward to supporting M/V Berlin. The medical environment in the cruise industry has become increasingly more challenging with global regulatory complexities, more and more vessels cruising worldwide, and a greater need to source qualified and experienced medical staff. VIKAND is providing cruise lines and other remote operators, unique turnkey medical solutions to help with the challenges they are facing”, said, Peter Hult, CEO, VIKAND.

VIKAND is a leading global maritime healthcare solutions provider offering 24/7 medical management services, biomedical equipment maintenance, and air decontamination and purification solutions to the maritime industry. VIKAND’s services are installed on 200 + cruise vessels, impacting an estimated 20 million passengers and 120,000 crew annually. The VIKAND team continuously sources the latest technology in environmental solutions, crew wellness initiatives, and medical management. VIKAND is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective Maritime Health Care possible.  For more information, visit

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