Vikand & DasLab Create Partnership to Expedite COVID-19 Testing and Support Return to Service Recommendations


21 October 2020, Berlin, GERMANY, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA: Maritime medical and public health service provider, Vikand, and COVID-19 mitigator, DasLab—an advanced lab testing facilitator, announce their partnership to bring a global end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution for the cruise line industry and to support efforts to return to healthy and safe cruising.

The Vikand/DasLab alliance provides quick, effective COVID-19 testing solutions for at home and terminal testing as per return-to-service recommendations. Leveraging the most current, best-in-class testing technology with a proven data-protected tracking application platform, the partnership provides much needed, rapid results.

Daniel Fallscheer, CCO of DasLab, comments, “Our amalgamated technologies paired with the strength of our systems and medical staffs mean a reduction in the risk of COVID-19 infections. From pre-travel testing to mass rapid testing in terminals and airports with data management, the result is peace of mind when travelling,” he adds.

Guests and crew will be tested 72 hours before departure—or as per cruise line requirements before departure—via a lab network available within easy travel from their home within Europe—technologies and guidelines for the U.S. are underway. At embarkation points, a secondary PCR test can be administrated to ensure the safest environment for guests, crew, and the ship.

“Our combined objective is to provide efficient testing, in-depth logistical support and health services for the safety of the global cruise industry, its guests and crew. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, we are committed together with our partners to use superlative, groundbreaking tests,” says Peter Hult, Vikand CEO.

DasLab and Vikand COVID-19 protocol testing solutions are intended for use at local labs and in ports through DasLab and onboard with Vikand to ensure safe voyaging by deploying the newest testing technologies.

“By joining forces with Vikand we are bringing best-in-class end-to-end solutions to the maritime industry to enable safer operations during the current pandemic,“ says Fallscheer. “At its founding—in a direct response to combat the COVID-19 crisis—DasLab forged our vision to enable a fast and lasting return to a steady-state economic and civil life for all people in the cities, regions and countries while avoiding next waves and minimizing fatalities. Of course, this includes life and work at sea,” he continues. 

Structurally, the alliance between the companies encompasses testing and analytics for PCR, antigen and antibody tests, global lab coverage, digital solutions connecting labs with users, and expert consulting.

“There is immense strategic and holistic value in our alliance with our partner, DasLab,” says Hult. “Our thought and practice leadership is expanding to bring the maritime industry evidence-based solutions which promote ever higher degrees of health and wellness on board. As today’s increased stakes and complexities require rapid expert response, it is vital to be able to form joint initiatives with global leaders to offer uniquely complementary and comprehensive models.”


VIKAND provides global medical and public health service solutions to the entire maritime industry, including cruise, yacht, superyacht, commercial shipping, fishing, and energy sectors. VIKAND works with more than 200 cruise ship clients—spread over 23 cruise lines—supporting 120,000 crew with medical and mental wellness needs supported by experienced onboard and onshore medical staffs. VIKAND’s proven medical and public health expertise and experience is demonstrated through a proactive and evidence-based healthcare approach, the VIKAND Total Healthcare Solution and is coordinated with global regulatory agencies and industry associations. Solutions encompass 24/7 medical management, public health, and COVID-19 consulting, biomedical equipment maintenance and products, and leading air and surface decontamination solutions. VIKAND recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and was awarded the Seatrade Cruise Awards Supplier of the Year 2020 in October.

About DasLab 

DasLab is a digital testing aggregator platform aimed at simplifying and equalizing access to lab tests. With offices in Berlin, Munich, London, Boston, and Singapore (opening soon). DasLab comprises seasoned hospital and laboratory operators, healthcare executives, medical and diagnostic specialists, entrepreneurs and investors with extensive healthcare management expertise and immediate access to a network of relevant contributors from all parts of the healthcare value chain. The DasLab team combines a proven track record of turn-key digital and logistics solutions with over 1,000 healthcare organizations in 50 countries. It enables the digitalization to better connect healthcare providers and customers. In only a brief period since incorporation, DasLab has facilitated the delivery of over half a million COVID-19 tests across government and leading private enterprises in Europe.

Commentary: Peter Hult, CEO, Vikand,, +1 754.715.4961
- Editorial Services: Amy Halsted,, +1 207.432.7239

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