VIKAND Medical Solutions & Nattaro Labs Partnering to Bring Nattaro Safe™- The FIRST Proactive Bed Bug System in the World to Cruise Line Industry

(Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 5, 2017) – The global maritime solutions provider, VIKAND Medical Solutions, announced their partnership today with Nattaro Labs to provide Nattaro Safe™, their innovative solution to prevent and eliminate bed bugs, to the global cruise line industry.

VIKAND Medical Solutions understands both the PR impact and financial consequences for the cruise line when guests or crew encounter bed bugs onboard. Our strategic partnership with Nattaro Labs allows VIKAND to bring the first proactive bed bug system available to the cruise line industry. “This strategic partnership will allow us to provide Nattaro Safe™ to our clients and industry partners to ensure no bed bug outbreaks, thus saving money as well as the public relations nightmare of an outbreak. Nattaro Safe™ is the most innovative solution available for the proactive detection, prevention and elimination of bed bugs, and it is 100% natural,” said Peter Hult, CEO, VIKAND Solutions.

“We very much believe in this partnership. Thanks to a solid knowledge of the market and close relations with its key players VIKAND has managed to act swiftly upon worries expressed by their clients. Today bed bugs constitute a growing concern for the hospitality industry all over the world, and the problem calls for innovative and efficient preventive solutions. We are very proud that all our years of research and product development may come to use in the maritime world with the help of VIKAND,” said Carl-Johan Gustafson, CEO, Nattaro Labs.

“It is wonderful to be working with the experienced team at Nattaro Labs. Their tireless research in developing the technology for Nattaro Safe reflects their commitment to serving those in the hospitality industry. Our team looks forward to working in close collaboration with them as we bring this needed solution to the cruise line industry,” said Peter Hult, CEO, VIKAND Solutions.

About Nattaro Labs
Nattaro Labs is a Swedish company that carries out world-class research to develop innovative products and sustainable solutions to combat the growing global problem of bed bugs. Through a combination of evidence-based research, innovative product development and close partnerships with pest control companies, Nattaro Labs currently has a unique position as a product developing, bed bug specialist on the international market. Nattaro Safe™ is supplied on a roll of tape and consists of a folded paper construction with a self-adhesive back and an inside covered with a thin layer of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a natural agent that absorbs the bed bug’s protective wax layer, which results in the pest drying out and dying. It is a natural product made from fossilized silica algae safe for people and pets. Through its design, Nattaro Safe™ creates an environment that is attractive to bed bugs, a dark and confined paper tunnel with inviting crevices. The inside contains a thin layer of diatomaceous earth. The product is easy to apply, and most importantly, bed bugs cannot develop a resistance to the active substance. This Swedish invention, Nattaro Safe™, is a patented product that is designed and made in Sweden.

VIKAND Medical Solutions is the leading provider of solutions; we utilize proprietary innovations and industry-specific experience to deliver medical management and consulting services to the cruise, yachting, and offshore industry. Managed by a world-class medical team, the VIKAND team has extensive experience in the maritime industry and offers a 24/7 on-call service to clients. As the leading provider of medical services in the maritime sector, VIKAND customizes their services to cruise operators’ direct needs, offering concierge solutions for each client. VIKAND brings a solution to the complexity of maritime medical needs by addressing the fragmentation of using multiple vendors.

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