VIKAND Starts 2020 with New Agreements and Appointments


VIKAND Starts 2020 with New Agreements and Appointments

Appointed as the outsourced Medical Manager for Vidanta Cruises and renewed contracts with Viking Ocean Cruises and Silversea Cruises

(Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 21, 2020) – VIKAND Medical Solutions, LLC. (VIKAND), the leader in global maritime medical operations and healthcare, announced today their contract renewals with Silversea Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises, as well as their appointment by Grupo Vidanta to be the outsourced Medical Manager for Vidanta Cruises’ maiden vessel, M/V Vidanta Elegant, in collaboration with CMI (Cruise Management International).

VIKAND, a leader and innovator in maritime medical operations, specializes in turn-key medical solutions for the cruise industry, with services currently provided on 200+ cruise vessels, impacting 20MM passengers and 120K crew annually, ensuring comprehensive medical oversight, support, and efficiencies for its clients. The VIKAND team is comprised of dynamic and knowledgeable maritime medical professionals who continuously source the latest biomedical technology, advanced environmental solutions, and wellness initiatives to provide customized onboard medical services and world-class medical staff.

Vidanta Cruises’, Mexico’s First Luxury Cruise Line, appointed VIKAND to be the outsourced Medical Manager for their inaugural vessel, M/V Vidanta Elegant, scheduled to set sail in 2020. VIKAND will work in close collaboration with CMI to provide outsourced medical management services and run all aspects of the Medical Operations onboard, in addition to the initial set up of the vessel's medical facility prior to launch.

VIKAND was appointed the outsourced Medical Manager by Viking Ocean Cruises during the startup phase of its first vessel in January 2014. VIKAND has enjoyed working with Viking as their outsourced Medical Manager, in collaboration Wilhelmsen Ship Management, and looks forward to supporting their continued growth in years to come. VIKAND and Viking executed a new and updated agreement effective January 1st, 2020. 

VIKAND has entered a new era of Medical Consultation with Silversea Cruises effective January 1st, 2020, adding VIKAND’s all-inclusive Total Healthcare Solutions model. VIKAND has established a close working relationship with Silversea Cruises since 2012. Through years of collaboration, VIKAND developed the Total Healthcare Solution, to specifically meet the needs of Silversea.

VIKAND’s Total Healthcare Solutions model for Silversea Cruises is a groundbreaking approach to medical operations within the cruise industry in that it combines all existing VIKAND medical service offerings, with the addition of formulary management, for a flat fee arrangement.

VIKAND is pleased to execute this new formulary and supply management business model. In combination with all its medical consulting services, this will streamline the entire formulary process, logistics, operations, communication, and financial administration, providing significantly enhanced efficiencies and decreased operating costs.

VIKAND’s medical consulting and outsourced management solutions provide 24/7 medical support with medical escorts always on standby with a medical emergency hotline, staffing and recruitment, case management for guests and crew, regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, outbreak prevention support, pharmaceutical and formulary supplies, biomedical equipment management and procurement, new build and refurbishment support, pre-employment medical examination review, crew wellness, and chronic disease oversite.

VIKAND’s proprietary Global Maritime Work-Life program “WELL” will be launched during the first quarter of 2020. This is a customized mental wellness program for the cruise and maritime industry.

As cruise lines are more frequently looking to outsource their medical services onboard, VIKAND’s innovative solutions are meeting a growing demand within the industry. “Operating a remote medical facility at sea presents various challenges that require professional expertise and assistance. We are very proud of our VIKAND team, each of whom has many years of shipboard medical experience and work tirelessly to support our clients as they confidently entrust us with such a critical responsibility. VIKAND’s Medical Outsourced Management program gives our cruise line partners access to the very best resources while reducing their risk exposure, allowing them to focus on guest experience and safe operations of the ships”, says Peter Hult, CEO of VIKAND.

VIKAND is a leading global maritime healthcare solutions provider offering 24/7 medical management services, biomedical equipment maintenance, and air decontamination and purification solutions to the maritime industry. VIKAND's services are installed on 200 + cruise vessels, impacting estimated 20MM passengers and 120k crew annually. The VIKAND team continuously sources the latest technology in environmental solutions, crew wellness initiatives, and medical management. VIKAND is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective Maritime Health Care possible.

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Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox

Subscribe to our VIKAND Pulse to receive the latest maritime healthcare news from VIKAND sent right to your inbox
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