VIKAND & VITRUVIUS PARTNERS GROUP to Collaborate on Service Solutions for Maritime Industries


25 May 2021, Paris, France & Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA: VIKAND Solutions, LLC—a global maritime medical operations and public health provider—and Vitruvius Partners Group SAS—a leading advisory firm to corporations and professionals in the leisure industry— announce that they are collaborating to bring service solutions into the cruise, yachting, commercial shipping, and the maritime industry at large.

Peter Hult, VIKAND CEO, comments, “Addressing the need for proactive healthcare for maritime crews has become even more critical in the post-COVID world. We are looking forward to collaborating with Bertrand and his team at Vitruvius to introduce existing public healthcare technologies while exploring new solutions and related services and products. Vitruvius’s expertise as a hospitality project management team in hotels and cruises is a welcome addition to VIKAND’s expanding network of collaborative relationships.”

Bertrand Petyt, Vitruvius Managing Partner, remarks, “I believe the extent of VIKAND’s holistic health approach and programs offers tremendous value to global maritime industries. We are pleased to contribute and collaborate with them.”

About Vitruvius Partners Group

Vitruvius Partners Group is an advisory firm providing outsourced ‘Change Management Office’ solutions to organizations in the tourism industry. We operate as an externalized ‘ad-hoc’ and ‘long- term’ change catalyst, guiding our clients on how to successfully adopt change and drive organizational success, enabling them to adapt to disruptive forces. Our aim is to make client organizations more responsive to change in their markets and equip them to take maximum advantage of emerging opportunities. Our multi-faceted team of C-level tourism-industry executives bring a wealth of expertise in a cost-effective and agile business model.


VIKAND provides global medical and public health service solutions to the entire maritime industry, including cruise, yacht, superyacht, commercial shipping, fishing, and energy sectors. VIKAND works with more than 200 cruise ship clients—spread over 32 cruise lines—supporting 120,000 crew with medical and mental wellness needs supported by experienced onboard and onshore medical staffs. VIKAND’s proven medical and public health expertise and experience is demonstrated through a proactive and evidence-based healthcare approach, the VIKAND Total Healthcare Solution and is coordinated with global regulatory agencies and industry associations. Solutions encompass 24/7 medical management, public health, and COVID-19 consulting, biomedical equipment maintenance and products, and leading air and surface decontamination solutions.