PYURE Dynamic Protection™

Redefining Disinfection for Protection and Peace of Mind

PYURE Dynamic Protection™ is a game-changer for the maritime industry. As health and safety become more prevalent for those onboard, our air purification solution takes center stage to ensure that the air and surfaces onboard remain COVID-19 and contaminant free through continuous sanitation.


Most people spend 90%
of their time indoors.

There is 2-5 times more pollution found indoors than outdoors.

Indoor air quality is one of the top environmental risks to public health.


PYURE Dynamic Protection™ harnesses the power of Hydroxyls. These molecules are originally used by nature to cleanse our atmosphere of harmful substances and replace them with important organic compounds. When PYURE Dynamic Protection™ is installed into the HVAC system, these Hydroxyls work the same way to proactively and continuously disinfect the air, surfaces, and fabrics present onboard. 

When air first enters the chamber of the PYURE Dynamic Protection™ solution, it undergoes an oxidation process which results in the creation of Hydroxyls.

These Hydroxyls then become powerful sanitizing agents that immediately begin to eliminate viruses, bacteria, odor molecules, mold, VOCs, and more.

After exiting the chamber, the Hydroxyls begin to react with other contaminants, forming new oxidants and quickly dispersing to sanitize the air and surfaces.


"PYURE is the best public health tool for the maritime industry to create a safe environment for guests and crew." 

- Peter Hult, CEO

THE BENEFITS OF PYURE Dynamic Protection™

Kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including mold, odors, and fumes in the air and on surfaces within 15-30 minutes.

Saves significant fuel by allowing recalibrated circulation.

Allows for lower operational cost and significant ROI.

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