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Here at VIKAND, we understand how vital adequately maintained biomedical and X-ray equipment is for accurately diagnosing and treating patients. We provide a tailored biomedical and X-ray equipment service plan to ensure that your equipment is running at peak performance. VIKAND’s experienced biomedical staff will provide a proactive approach to ensure critical equipment maintenance, operation, and to manage and anticipate service issues for all your maritime medical facility equipment needs.

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Our PYURE Dynamic Protection™ air and surface purification solution utilizes proprietary technology and industry-specific experience to provide measurable results, enabling businesses and individuals to operate in cleaner and healthier environments. The PYURE Dynamic Protection™ solution is the most advanced solution for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air. The Hydroxyl generators mimic nature’s naturally occurring process for cleaning and purifying our atmosphere. The system proactively and continuously removes mold, odors, fumes viruses, and bacteria on surfaces and in the air through a natural, patented and FDA approved technology. PYURE Dynamic Protection™ can be easily and effectively applied to remote industries such as island resorts, spas, hotels and yachts, and we customize our solutions for each of the industries we serve.

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