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David Best, VIKAND Lexicon

To delineate phrasing in the often-complex language of public health, VIKAND is developing a glossary of terms, a VIKAND Lexicon. Public health, standards and readiness are explained in more detail as you read more.


Public Health
A Public Health Department is typically responsible for policies and procedures designed to prevent and control the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable illness through assessment, policy development and assurance, helping maintain a safe and healthy environment for all those onboard.

The phrase 'prevention is better than cure' is often attributed to the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus and is central to our principal values as a company. It is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has transpired.

All maritime sectors should be supported by robust procedures across all cruise vessels, commercial vessels, and yachts to maintain strong public health standards.

FEATURED PRESS RELEASE: Facilitating Solutions for Fred. Olsen’s First International Cruise Since COVID

The simplicity of the return-testing solution Bupa, Fred. Olsen and VIKAND engineered has established a best practice template to meet COVID criteria and governmental guidance. It is in VIKAND’s DNA to provide collaborative platforms to solve complex issues.

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COVID—Then + Now

Hard hit, there is no doubt that in the maritime industry, cruise, yacht, and commercial shipping segments have powered through these challenging times of COVID-19 by rapidly incorporating more healthcare measures onboard, but what exactly have these measures been and will they be sufficient to combat COVID-19 variants in the future?

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NEW HIRES: Bo Larsen Joins VIKAND as VP of Commercial Partnerships

With responsibility to forge and maintain strong relationships with VIKAND’s growing client base—including commercial offshore, shipping and fishing, cruise lines, and yachting—Bo’s role includes all aspects of collaboration within the industry. “My experience at CLIA is of great value as I begin the work at VIKAND which already has a fine reputation for meeting challenges head on and for creating a safer way to operate at sea,” says Larsen.

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In the News

Vikand Facilitates Return Testing for Fred Olsen Sailings from the U.K.

While currently supplying Fred. Olsen with PCR tests to comply with pre-arrival testing requirements for the UK, VIKAND facilitated PCR tests through healthcare provider, Bupa, to further meet UK requirements for return testing. Alaana Woods, the commercial director at Bupa Health Clinics, said that the company was “very proud to be able to support Fred. Olsen on their first international cruise from the UK since the start of the pandemic.”

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Bo Nylandsted Larsen Se Une a Vikand Como Vicepresidente de Alianzas Comerciales

Editor’s Note: From our friends at CruisesNews Media Group in Spain

Con la responsabilidad de forjar y mantener relaciones sólidas con la creciente base de clientes de VIKAND, incluidos el comercio en alta mar, el transporte marítimo y la pesca, las líneas de cruceros y la navegación a vela, el papel de Bo incluye todos los aspectos de la colaboración dentro de la industria.

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CLIA Veteran Bo Larsen Signs Vikand Partnerships Role

“I'm both excited and honored to be part of this company, which is so much more than a medical management and public health solutions provider,” Best said. “Vikand is realizing its potential in the market as a leading communications and logistics organization, at the forefront of innovation and design, supporting clients by communicating effectively for improved business operations. In the context of public health, especially in today's world, there is huge opportunity for improvement in the maritime sector and beyond. Vikand is leading the way.”

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Vikand Facilitates Return Testing by Bupa for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

While currently supplying Fred. Olsen with PCR tests to comply with pre-arrival testing requirements for the UK, VIKAND facilitated PCR tests through leading healthcare provider, Bupa, to further meet UK requirements for return testing. Together, the companies provide passengers with a solution that meets criteria and makes the customer journey seamless and easy.

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Featured Social Post: Deliver high quality medical care onboard

Are you looking to upgrade your onboard medical facility or to simply ensure that your current equipment is up to date? Reach out to our biomedical experts for more about our biomedical solutions and services.

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