Executive Notes:
Bo Nylandsted Larsen, Vice President of Commercial Partnerships
Seafarers Take Center-Stage at LISW

London International Shipping Week 2021 turned out to be my first international business trip after 18 months and based on the friendly and collegial atmosphere throughout the event, it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who had missed the benefits of finally being able to conduct business face to face again. The VIKAND team and many of our industry partners had the pleasure of visiting Inmarsat’s London office as they addressed how to meet the welfare needs of seafarers in a digital age and the role of technology in a disrupted world.

The Headline Conference at IMO focusing on driving growth in a disrupted world was another highlight, as IMO’s Secretary General Kitack Lim addressed the seafarers as, “The silent heroes and collateral victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.” He also spoke to seafarers’ professionalism, dedication and personal sacrifice throughout the pandemic and the fact that “we must continue to support them”.

Our team at VIKAND agree passionately on the continued focus of supporting seafarers and the broader maritime community throughout the pandemic. Our dedication is to provide necessary, timely and innovative healthcare solutions today, and tomorrow.

FEATURED PRESS RELEASE: Vikand Selected by Swan Hellenic for Medical Management

Vikand has entered into a multiyear agreement with Swan Hellenic to manage all medical operations aboard its cultural expedition cruise ships. With its guests’ passion for exploring the world’s most remote areas, robust healthcare and medical services are paramount to Swan Hellenic and foundational for guest safety and peace of mind.

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Environmental Benefits of Hydroxyl Generation

To help the world achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by mid-century, maritime organizations can mitigate climate change by deploying hydroxyl generators onboard to provide environmental benefits and experience clean interior air and surfaces.

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We're honored to be at the forefront with FrontM and Inmarsat Maritime to ensure that even those in the most remote locations receive the healthcare they need onboard with VIKAND Direct.

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Vikand to Provide Medical Management for Swan Hellenic Fleet

“With new 2022 itineraries announced in July 2021, Vikand is working closely with Swan Hellenic to ensure a safe environment that completes the many measures it employs to create unforgettable guest experiences,” said Tom Brady, Vikand’s vice president of global partner relationships.

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Miami Herald Senior Level Hires

Bo Nylandsted Larsen will be vice president of commercial partnerships at VIKAND Solutions, a global maritime medical operations and public health provider, effective Sept. 1. For the last seven years, he was senior vice president for strategic partnerships, and a senior advisor, at Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). He also led CLIA’s global executive partner program.

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Collaboration is the Backbone of the Modern Shipping Workplace

Teamwork is when a group of individuals works towards a common goal but collaboration is when the output is enhanced as a result of all the different sets of skills and mindsets put together. Collaboration is a much broader aspect of not just achieving success but enhancing it. Herein, SeaNews analyzes Workplace Collaboration with Dave Bull, Sr. Technology Consultant at VIKAND.

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Swan Hellenic I Servizi Medici a Bordo Saranno Gestiti da Vikand Medical Solutions

Editor’s Note: From our friends at Travel Quotidiano in Italy
La presenza di Vikand sarà di fatto invisibile per i nostri clienti – spiega il ceo di Swan Hellenic, Andrea Zito -. Per noi, però, avere sulle nostre nuove navi da spedizione Minerva e Vega un partner come lo stesso Vikand significa essere sicuri di fornire assistenza e cure mediche ai più alti standard in qualsiasi evenienza.

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