At VIKAND, years of involvement with the maritime medical industry have led us to believe that medical solutions need not always be reactive. A number of simple, preventative measures can go a long way in securing the health of your guests and crew. Check out two of our most innovative solutions to some of the most common, problematic issues that the maritime, resort and hotel industries face below:


Do you have problems with odors, fumes, mold and mildew or bacteria and viruses onboard your fleet?

You wouldn’t be alone. The maritime medical industry alone sees thousands of highly contagious viruses each year as well as countless health issues due to fumes, mold and mildew.

We have the solution – Our air purification solution proactively and continuously eliminates mold, odors, fumes, viruses, and bacteria on surfaces and in the air through a natural, patented and FDA approved technology, which can easily be fitted into existing air conditioning systems.

Unlike other air purifiers, this revolutionary technology replicates the sun’s natural process and creates an immune system for your vessel, bringing nature’s outdoor cleansing process indoors.

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