Technology Solutions

Major Cruise Line Case Study


Remove the odor and smoke from on board Casino while continuing to allow passengers to smoke


40 to 60 complaints filed monthly from onboard passengers


Installation and maintenance of the Hygensea Technology solution install of 4 MVP14 Units, 2 Controllers, Sensors, and Piping to direct the airflow which “piggybacks” on existing HVAC Self monitoring


Monthly onboard passenger complaints about smoke and haze inside and outside the casino area went from 40-60 complaints down to low single digit. Freshness and quality of air improved

“THE CASINO AIR SYSTEM DRASTICALLY IMPROVED COMPARED TO THE FIRST THREE MONTHS OF SHIP/CASINO OPERATION. Today the Casino Air is much cleaner, we experience less smoke inside our Casino, we feel less smoke exiting the Casino on the forward and the aft of the Casino. Whatever we upgraded and whatever we installed the past few months had a successful and positive impact on the Casino and Hotel operation.

We no longer feel the smell of burning cigarette smoke on deck 5 and 3 that are located below the casino, mainly the staircases leading to Promenade deck and main restaurant. We also do not experience a curtain of smoke when one is transiting thru the Casino” Hotel Director I don’t see the haze from smoking when I walk into the Casino. The air is cleaner.” Casino Staff